Penelitian Teknik Informatika

The Department of Information Technology (D-IT) facilitates fundamental and applied research in Information Technology. We pave the path to enhance the understanding and to build applications in Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence; Computer Network and Mobile Technology; Software Engineering and Organizational Informatics. Our researchers have been supported by three types of funding schemes including (1) independent research – researchers held their own research and financed by them self (2) Funded by Institut Teknologi Padang and (3) Funded by external agencies such as Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education as well as by industries. The D-IT has been involved in multi sector research projects. For example, our staff have collaborated in the designing and modelling of information system (Geographical) such as in the context of Agriculture, Governmental, Health and etc.

Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence (i-PAi)

The i-PAi research group integrates research in the Image Processing and Artificial Intelligent (AI). In the Image Processing, our main study is on the topic of im age patterns and remote sensing. We seek to improve the quality of image using related methods and techniques. We translate the research into the abstraction of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS). In the research of AI, the group aims to develop and evaluate the AI-Based System and gain the contribution to AI literature and to Expert System, Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic, Data Mining, Genetic Algorithm, Knowledge Engineering and Inferences. We use mostly quantitative methods  in i-PA i.


Computer Network, Mobile Technology and Pervasive Computing (C-Net-C)

The C-Net-C manifests its research in three groups. In Computer Network, the research aims to investigate network performances which include design of pro tocols,  ro uting technology, and Quality of Service. Other important issues are encompassed to study Network Infrastructures such as Wired and Wireless Technologies; Network Topology; WLAN, Network Design, SAAS; IAAS; and DBAAS. In Mobile Technology (MT), we produce a system that shows interaction between hardware and software by applying the concept Internet of Things (IoT). Research in MT covers in topics such as (1) Mobile based application, (2) Data communication process using mobile network and security, (3) Embedded system in Smart Technology. Research in MT focuses for  questioning “how device mobile can capture marker?” And then the study to build apps for the promotion of Augmented Reality and user satisfaction. In the Pervasive Computing, we study wireless technology and its impact to e.g. energy saving, smart building and technology. In C-Net-C, research are conducted in the laboratory-intensive work which researchers reside in the laboratory and computer room.


  • Busran, M.T. (Chair) 
  • Putri Mandarani, M.T. 
  • Anna Syahrani, M.Eng. 
  • Eko Kurniawanto Putra, M.T. 

  • Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction (SE-HaCi)

    In SE-H aCi, our contributions are related to how to produce software that reliable to users. We study factors that effect on the stages of software development including analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. Research in this group is strongly connected to Decision Support System, Information System, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning. 


    Information, Organization and Technopreneurship (i-OTe)

    Research in the i-OTe emphasis in the use of information and knowledge as a ‘new’ resource in the information society. The proliferation of the Internet and Computer-Based Information System have contributed to escalate enterprises’ competitive advantage. The i-OTe seeks to investigate issues and factors related to the distribution, storage, retrieve, dissemination of information, within and inter – virtual organizations.  The main question in the i-OTe is to answer how do information can be effectively used and disseminated in the organization. We use various theoretical approach to investigate the research question including the theory of information science, informatics; organizational and computational science. The goal of the research is projected to build model and the abstraction of e.g. Management Information System (MSI), Knowledge Management System (KMS), and Decision Support System (DSS). The i-OTe also investigates the process of technology-based entrepreneurship and IT-related product development.