Dwi Arini, M.T

Email : dwiarini.get09@gmail.com
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Lecturer ID 1015019201

Research Interests

  • Surveying and Mapping
  • GNSS and other technologies on mitigation purpose
  • GIS and Remote Sensing

Research Profile

One of her topic research is use GNSS data to identified of plate movement carried out with the stages of coordinate calculation and time series to produce velocity vectors indicating plate movement patterns. in addition, to measure the slip rates in West Sumatra to determine the level of fault activity. She studied a lot of topic about disaster risk reduction and management. Arini holds a Master degree of geodesy and geomatics engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology and bachelor degree of Geodesy from Diponegoro University.


  • David, Driptufany, D. M. et al. (2021) ‘Flood Management Based on The Potential Urban Catchments Case Study Padang City’, Sumatra Journal of Disaster, Geography and Geography Education, 5(1), pp. 49–54. doi: 10.24036/sjdgge.v5i1.367.
  • Arini, D., Guvil, Q. and Wahidah, N. (2020) ‘Land cover identification using Pleiades satellite imagery by comparison of NDVI and BI method in Jatinangor, West Java’, in IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. doi: 10.1088/1755-1315/500/1/012007.
  • Arini, D. W. I. and Sholihah, S. (2019) ‘Peggunaan Data GPS untuk Perhitungan Precipitable Water Vapour ( PWV ) guna Keperluan Deteksi Perilaku Gejala Meteorologi’, in. Institut Teknologi Padang, pp. 24–29. doi: 10.21063/SPI4.2019.x.
  • Arini, Dwi; Meilano, Irwan; Tanuwijaya, zamzam A. J. (2019) ‘ANALISA POLA PERGERAKAN SESAR SUMATRA BERDASARKAN PENGAMATAN DATA GPS 2016-2017 GUNA MENGETAHUI AKTIVITAS SEISMIK’, Jurnal Spasial, 6(3), pp. 97–103. Available at: http://ejournal.stkip-pgri-sumbar.ac.id/.
  • Htet, W. P., Thant, M. and Arini, D. (2018) ‘Probability of liquefaction hazard map for Yangon City, Myanmar’, AIP Conference Proceedings, 1987(June 2020). doi: 10.1063/1.5047312.
  • Arini, D. (2017) ‘Estimasi Tingkat Tekanan Lingkungan terhadap Cuaca Ekstrim Angin Puting Beliung Provinsi Jawa Barat’, in. Institut Teknologi Padang, pp. 187–192. doi: 10.21063/spi3.1017.187-192.
  • Arini, D., Suprayogi, A. and Awaluddin, M. (2013) ‘Aplikasi Magnetometer Dan Side Scan Sonar Untuk Pemetaan Sebaran Anomali Kemagnetan Dasar Laut (Studi Kasus : Perairan Lohgung, Palang,Tuban, Jawatimur)’, Jurnal Geodesi Undip, 2, pp. 240–252.

    Courses Taught

    • Physical geodesy
    • Geodetic reference system
    • Satellite of Geodesy
    • Adjustment Computation
    • Advanced Adjustment computation
    • Introduction to Geodesy and Geomatics
    • Terrestrial Surveying Practicum
    • Digital Surveying Practicum